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Your 7 Day free trial begins once you submit the information. We will keep your credit card on file and charge you at the end of your free trial for the next access period. If you cancel your subscription prior to the end of the free trial, you will not be charged. If you do not cancel your subscription you will be charged the current monthly pricing rate. If you are opting to purchase full-access you will be charged the current monthly amount until the subscription is canceled by the user. You can cancel your subscription at any time through your My Account page or by contacting support at info@swishanalytics.com. All subscriptions for our betting analytics and daily fantasy tools are charged on a monthly cycle to the date you purchased. Should you purchase more than one subscription on a given day, the total accrued charge for each subscription cycle will be charged in one lump sum one month from the date of your initial transaction. Individual transactions made on multiple days will not be lumped together and will be charged on their respective monthly cycles. For our betting analytics tools, each sport can be purchased individually at the posted price. You can, however, receive a discount on your total if you purchase multiple subscriptions during your initial transaction, with each additional sport discounted accordingly. Should you purchase access for 2 or more sports, you will only be charged for each sport during their respective season, and your total charge will adjust intelligently as one season ends and another begins for as long as each respective subscription is active. Discounts do not apply on multiple daily fantasy subscriptions. All subscriptions may be canceled individually without affecting your access for another, but should you cancel one sport after your initial transaction, you will lose any discounts associated with the canceled sport should you re-subscribe at a later date. Pricing may vary.